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High School Youth Initiative


New York City ACT-SO High School Youth Initiative:
The mission of NAACP New York City Academic, Cultural, Technological, & Scientific Olympics (NAACP NYC ACT-SO) is to overcome the vicious cycle of low scholastic expectations and achievement that plagues Black underserved minority youth throughout New York City; to strengthen Black high school students’ academic skills and inspire the confidence they will need to succeed as adults; and, to offer individualized academic mentorship and diverse enrichment activities, of which there is short supply in the New York City public high schools. 
ACT-SO is an attempt to thwart the vicious cycle of low expectation and low scholastic achievement that is plaguing communities throughout the nation. The New York City ACT-SO is one of the most ambitious after schools programs in the country. It offers a year long, academic enrichment program that includes weekly coaching workshops along with very successful After-School programs established in several New York City High Schools. The Program annually involves over 450 youth of African-American and Latino descent from public, private and parochial schools throughout metropolitan New York City.
The goal of New York City ACT-SO is to encourage earnest effort so students gain the confidence and skills they will need to thrive as adults. Our primary goal is to continue and expand not only the number of students we service at the high school level, but to more aggressively reach out to 8th grade students to introduce them to the rewards of academic and artistic endeavors. 
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