The Local Development Corporation of Crown Heights
Future Growth

Growth into the future

The LDCCH's motto is "Helping those least able to help themselves."  With that as its mission, it has initiated numerous programs to ameliorate the plethora of problems that plague the communities it serves.  The primary goals of the LDCCH are to:

Empower, elevate, and enrich our community by strengthening its institutions. These goes to our core beliefs in what are capable of doing and will do to fulfill our mission.

Here is how Mr. Caple G. Spence, the Executive Director of LDCCH in his owns words put it.

LDCCH made a strategic decision based on our mission to pursue the development of Charter Schools in our underserved communities.

LDCCH has made this decision in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education to develop Charter Schools not only in Brooklyn.

How will they do this?

Increasing care of LDCCH to protect and grow its mission for a complex and competitive society  is to invest in our youth.

Looking to the future
Based on everything that LDCCH has done, it all requires full participation and this one is not that different


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