The Local Development Corporation of Crown Heights
History of LDCCH


Reverend Dr. Clarence Norman, Sr. LDCCH was founded in 1987 by the Reverend Clarence Norman, Sr. It has grown from an organization with a staff of one person and with projects and program funding of only a few thousand dollars to its present status as a highly regarded community institution with a staff of expertly trained professionals and development projects and programmatic funding now in excess of $150 million dollars.

Its creation was based on the need for an entity to serve as a vehicle for community and program development in Central Brooklyn. The LDCCH's motto is "Helping those least able to help themselves." With that as its mission, it has initiated numerous programs to address the array of problems that plague the communities it serves.

Our Early Days
The David Chavis Apartments (photo on right) located at the corner of St. John's Place and Kingston Avenue represents the embodiment of what LDCCH is all about. The early vision of the Reverend Norman, Sr. has become an anchor for all other projects to come. This building at 230 Kingston Avenue with 153 Apartments for low income residents was built on the site of the former Brooklyn Thoracic Hospital founded in 1881, and rebuilt in the 1950's. It is fitting that this location, acquired by Reverend Norman in 1987, has provided care and shelter to Brooklyn's most needy for 132 years. Today, after a complete re-development in 2008, the property continues the legacy of providing for those most in need.

Last Ten Years
New Projects
The Kings County Senior Residence (seen in the photo at right) was Mr. Spence's first project for LDCCH as a developer of new housing projects. This award winning project moved LDCCH beyond its humble beginnings as a redeveloper of old walk-up tenement buildings to a full-fledged developer of modern mid-rise apartments for its community. After lengthy land lease negotiations with the City of New York, a new $32 million dollar building of eight stories with 173 apartments was completed in 2007.

Project Complexity and Sizes
Since LDCCH's inception, we have been able to build on one success after another through various project cycles as demonstrated through our portfolio of buildings that we acquired, developed and currently own.
Each project undertaking has broadened our skills as effective managers and developers. We have the resources and contacts to obtain both public and private funding for our projects.
LDCCH has maintained its financial discipline through our constant and vigilant budget oversight of the projects under our control. Frequently, we augment our own resources by working with syndicators and banks interested in helping to serve our community.
It is not only our desire to construct projects of excellence, but we also take great pride in the operation and management of our buildings long after completion. Our continuing commitment demonstrates to our tenants, many of whom are our greatest supporters, that we take pride in these buildings and see each one as reflection of LDCCH's pledge to our community.

Asset Milestone
With the completion of the Crown Heights Senior Residence in 2010, we reached an important milestone in our history. LDCCH passes the $100 million dollar mark on completed construction. What a tremendous accomplishment, considering our humble beginnings and a determined effort to serve our community.

Future Growth
The next twenty-five years has a lot to offer because the first twenty-five has afforded us the opportunity to look beyond our initial objectives. We are not abandoning our base and our mission to provide low income housing for our seniors but we are looking at our future and the future is our youths. We are now better positioned to do more because we have learned a lot and grown more the past twenty-five years.




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