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Strength of LDCCH of Crown Heights

Local Development Corporation of Crown Heights’ commitment toward helping senior citizens spend their golden years living in affordable and quality housing has been a particular source of pride and personal satisfaction for LDCCH.  Seeing smiles on the faces of the elderly men and women as they enter their brand new apartments fills our hearts with joy and reaffirms the desire to do all that is necessary to assist them.

LDCCH’s success is rooted in its understanding that to be effective in meeting its goals and aspirations it must partner and collaborate with government agencies, elected officials, community leaders, and the private sector. Having established such partnerships over the years has resulted in LDCCH realizing broad base community support and access to government and private sector resources.
With that in mind, LDCCH’s future plans include expanding existing services and creating new programs such as job placement assistance, health care services, commercial development, and the creation of an additional 300 units of affordable housing that will be available to a diverse range of incomes for individuals and families.


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